Cover Art/Design: Kelly Chong
Art Direction: Cassie Gonzalez


US Release date: July 11, 2023

UK Release date: July 13, 2023

“Happily Ever After” is a total scam, but at least this time the princess is the one controlling the grift—until her true love arrives and threatens to ruin the whole scheme.

I’m not who you think I am.

My transformation from a poor, orphaned scullery maid into the enchantingly mysterious lady who snagged the heart of the prince did not happen—as the rumors insisted—in a magical metamorphosis of pumpkins and glass slippers. On the first evening of the ball, I didn’t meekly help my “evil” stepmother and stepsisters primp and preen or watch forlornly out the window as their carriage rolled off toward the palace. I had other preparations to make.

My stepsisters and I had been trained for this—to be the cleverest in the room, to be quick with our hands and quicker with our lies. We were taught how to get everything we want in this world, everything men always kept for themselves: power, wealth, and prestige. And with a touchingly tragic past and the help of some highly illegal spells, I would become a princess, secure our fortunes, and we would all live happily ever after.

But there’s always more to the story. With my magic running out, war looming, and a handsome hostage prince—the wrong prince—distracting me from my true purpose with his magnetic charm and forbidden flirtations, I’m in danger of losing control of the delicate balance I’ve created…and that could prove fatal.

There’s so much more riding on this than a crown. (Del Rey)

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“Soria reinvents a classic fairy tale to address physical, political, social, and economic abuse…Fantasy fans will wish to explore this fascinating revisionist take on what really happens ‘happily ever after.'” —Booklist (Starred Review)

“A standout fairy-tale retelling. And unlike fairy tales, which have clean moral lessons, this book is unafraid of the deep complications and compromises people in positions of real power and influence sometimes have to make in order to do what’s right.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This amazing retelling of Cinderella presents varied magics, a new view of old enemies and royal rule, magical enchantment, and battle between oppressors and conquered. What a breathtaking view!” —Tamora Pierce

“A fairy tale with a delightful con-artist twist, Thief Liar Lady is Cinderella as you’ve never seen her before—sly, subversive, and not at all demure.”—Evelyn Skye, New York Times bestselling author of Damsel

“D. L. Soria casts a spell of intrigue and romance onto every page of this wonderfully unexpected twist on Cinderella. By turns sharp and sweet, Thief Liar Lady is a lustrous fairy-tale treat.”—Alyssa Wees, author of Nocturne and The Waking Forest

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